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The unique Bodyguard® treadmill with an institutional setting.

The perfect combination of sturdiness and performance with sleek and sophisticated design, Bodyguard® treadmill is extremely reliable, simple to use and will blend nicely with your home décor.

Treat yourself and enjoy from a wide variety of integrated workout programs and options. Live the experience of a powerful workout to the fullest.



Discover the real power of fitness training.

The T460X Personal Trainer, the new generation of treadmills.

In addition to its many exclusive features, the T460X Personal Trainer includes the smart and innovative X-Card™ system. User friendly, this new card allows you to access the personal trainer program package of your choice. You will thus have programs adapted to all your fitness needs and levels. It will change the way you train.




Designed for you, built for the best performance.

Designed to meet the highest reliability, performance and quality expectations, the Elliptical E230X offers the best value for money and represents the simple and logical choice for your workout needs.

You will truly appreciate the various personalized training options. Discover our latest innovations, the ergonomic EZ3 system that brings you absolute comfort by allowing you to modify the pedal angle, and the Quick Tilt console for easy, fast and personalized adjustments.

This product meets the highest quality standards, gives you the most natural and comfortable elliptical motion on the market and blends nicely with your home décor. Bodyguard® has the best warranty in the industry.



The Elliptical E390X was designed to meet the highest reliability, performance and commercial quality. Self-generated, this elliptical offers the perfect fit for hotels, resorts, apartment complexes and office buildings.



Excellence is our hallmark.

The exhilaration of a good workout, the sense of progress toward your goals, the satisfaction of a job well done ? these are the rewards of the effort you put in.

Now Bodyguard® presents the reward of the effort its put into technological innovation and excellence: the Elliptical E250X.

Bodyguard® Engineering has brought together the total sum of advances in technology to offer the ultimate fitness equipment, a simple way to get fit, and a new benchmark for the industry.

Discover what makes it one-of-a-kind ? the EZ3 system, RMDS, and the Quick Tilt console. Consider it the ultimate purchase solution in the elliptical category. You'll appreciate the E250X's natural, silent, fluid, comfortable movement right away. And to help you push yourself to new limits while still having fun, it offers a variety of training programs, each working a different body part.

Take advantage of the industry's best warranty and let us make your workouts a joy.