Bodyguard - The Power of Training



This package will allow users to monitor their performance and progression on a daily basis.

For only $99

you will have a LIFETIME ACCESS to Bodyguard®'s website

to visualize YOUR OWN training data

with graphics, charts, and reports.

Bodyguard® offers a complete line of cardio equipment adapted to your home environment. Our technological innovation and your life style have never been so perfectly combined.

The Customer Kit comes with:

  • X-Card™ USB reader.
  • PC installation CD-ROM.
  • X-Card™ demo programs package.
  • Instruction manual.

The X-Card™ has been programmed to bring you a range of performance measures regarding calories lost, distance covered, average speed, maximum speed, BPM, and training time.

System requirements:

  • Bodyguard®'s fitness equipment compatible with the X-Technology
    (X-Card™ option must be activated).
  • PC computer with Windows 98/ME to Windows Vista.
  • Internet connexion.
  • USB port.
  • CD-ROM drive for installation.